Teacher, I Googled YouYesterday a student said to me “Teacher, I Googled You” and my reply to him was “Good. I’m proud of every single result that comes up. What did you learn about me?”

I always use these moments as an opportunity to talk about digital citizenship. Would they be proud of their own digital footprint? What would their parents or potential employers see? How do we create and maintain a positive digital footprint?

I know that if my students Google¬†me they will discover I used to own a wine shop & wine bar. It’s not a secret, but it’s just not something I freely share with them since it involves a 21 & over subject matter. And honestly, I am proud of how hard I worked while my husband and I owned our business and they can clearly see that just by googling my name. (And yes, I am still as passionate about the world of wine as I am about math & EdTech!)

I can also see somewhat odd traces of my digital footprint like having an IMDB profile because a friend mentioned me in a special thanks in their independent films. I didn’t even realize that existed until I Googled my own name recently. Thank goodness they were films I am also proud to be associated with.

Most importantly, I know I can create & contribute to my own digital footprint just by having a positive & active social media presence. Every blog post and every tweet adds to the image of whom I am online and in person.

So, has a student ever Googled you? How do you talk about digital citizenship with your students?

“Teacher, I Googled You” – An Opportunity for a Lesson in Digital Citizenship
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